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Ouya introduces 16GB black model for $129, with improved controller

A new 16GB black model of the Ouya has now arrived, priced at $129. Aside from the color change and more storage, other improvements include a better controller, enhanced Wi-Fi and new Ouya firmware.
January 31, 2014

Although the Ouya is far from a must-have device, there are folks that like using it as a gaming and entertainment device for their living room, and this is especially true for folks that root the device to add Google Play access and other modified features.

So what’s keeping the Ouya back from finding true success? Although that subject might be up for debate, there’s no denying that the device’s paltry 8GB internal storage and less-than-great controller are at least two of the console’s weak points. Now it looks like Ouya is looking to address both these issues with a new black 16GB model that features an improved controller.

Unlike the 16GB white “limited edition” Ouya that hit last year, this model is a permanent addition to the Ouya line-up. The 16GB model will set folks back $129, with the 8GB version still priced at $99.

For those wondering what’s different with the controller, it reportedly has improved joysticks and buttons and much less lag time over the original control. The improved controller, black color and 16GB storage are the biggest differences with the ‘new’ Ouya, but there’s also said to be improved firmware and enhanced Wi-Fi.

Now the big question is whether a 16GB Ouya console with two-year old smartphone hardware is really worth $129. For some folks the answer will be no, but your mileage may vary. What do you think, interested in the new Ouya or not?