LG Ally for Verizon

Busy couple of Android-related days here. I’ve just made live my full length review of the LG Ally for Verizon. It’s a very slick Android 2.1 smartphone with a great slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a WVGA resolution display, and some of the best calling abilities I’ve come across in a very long time.

You know. For those people that like to make phone calls with their phones.  I’m sure you know somebody like that.

Anyway, the phone is a bit plain looking, if you ask me, and hefty (160g!), but the real issue with it has been software stability. I can’t remember the last time an Android phone rebooted on me.  This one has done it twice, and there have been a number of lags and Force Closes on apps.

Nothing a good firmware update couldn’t rectify, but still disappointing on what was otherwise a splendid phone.  If you want to read more, jump on over to the full LG Ally review on Mobile Burn.

A small gallery and the video from the review are available after the jump.

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