Back in 2012, we declared Osmos HD as one of the best games of the year, one that any self-respecting Android geek shouldn’t miss out. With its solid 5-star ratings on Google Play and a dozen or so awards under its belt, it was an easy recommendation to make.

If for some reasons you have yet to pick up Osmos HD, there’s never a better time to do so than today, as the game has been given the discount treatment — thanks to Mr. Spring. You can purchase Osmos HD for a mere $0.99 from Google Play.

The price cut is a nice incentive, but it’s the simple, yet addictive physics-based gameplay and the electro-hypnotic soundtrack that will win you over – not to mention that the graphics are pretty out of this world as well.

How simple is the game? As a not so clearly defined organism, your objective is to absorb other smaller organisms to grow, while avoiding the bigger predators. You can pinch to zoom, tap to eject mass, and flick to warp time. The game features two modes, Odyssey and Arcade, with a combined 72 levels to complete. Guess we should also tell you that you’ll be facing opponents with some tough AI.

We’ve embedded the video trailer above so you can get a pretty good feel of how the game runs. Feel free to check it out.

Are you a fan of Osmos HD? Looking forward to give the game a try? Hit the comments below.

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