Google has announced plans to bring more original content to YouTube, bringing more original and professional videos to the platform and placing Google TV at a great advantage.

The company is building a new YouTube application, along with recent updates to the Android Market app and a newer version of Android, integrated into Google TV–unifying online and traditional video content.

Google TV makes the Web easily available to users while they are enjoying their favorite TV shows–just a few clicks away. With the inclusion of the YouTube app and Google channels, Google TV could offer a wide variety of videos to its consumers, and they won’t be able to recognize the difference between content produced for your TV and one from YouTube.

The company reportedly spent US$100 million for the original content that it plans to bring to YouTube. A report by VentureBeat mentions that Google plans to showcase shows from well-known personalities such as Rainn Wilson, Deepak Chopra, and Tony Hawk.

Aside from Google TV consumers, content creators will also be glad to hear about Google’s plans. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is offering content creators 55 percent of Google’s advertisement revenues.

With original shows on YouTube accessible through Google TV, the smart TV platform from Google could get a big boost in terms of wider adoption. And, the tighter integration of original YouTube programming into Google TV will most likely make couch potatoes happier, too.

What say you, couch potatoes?