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Orby: The Way Home - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Orby: The Way Home. In this brain teaser you must figure out puzzles without flinging yourself off the map. It's also free!
September 22, 2014

What is Orby: The Way Home?

Orby: The Way Home is a puzzle game where you must fling your Orby character around to make it to the exit. You have to collect the stars, avoid obstacles, and figure out the puzzle in order to progress to the next level. It’s a cute little game and one that’s received pretty good ratings so far. It’s also powered by Unity.

Here’s how it works. You swipe in various directions to make the character go in that direction. You use the stones and other pieces of the level to prevent the little critter from going off of the map which essentially means you’ve failed the level and must start over again. There are 40 levels you can play through that get progressively more difficult as they introduce more obstacles and even bad guys. There are currently 40 levels with a place holder for a second stage that the developer says will be out eventually.

For now the game is totally free to play with no in app purchases which makes up for the fact that it’s a pretty short game. Those who try hard enough can probably beat the game in a day or two. There aren’t any Google Play Games services which is a bummer for those who engage with that platform. Otherwise it’s a very “what you see is what you get” kind of game without any weird hangups.

Orby: The Way Home review
Overall, Orby is a fun little time waster. Is it a little derivative? Yes, but it’s also totally free to play which makes up for it. The puzzles are fun and the game play is simple and without error. We’re sure there are bugs depending on your device but the game is so new that people haven’t found them yet. It’s a good way to kill an afternoon or two and it doesn’t a dime. At least not yet.