Orbitz.com, one of the market’s leading resources for travel and booking online, has recently released an Android app, Hotels by Orbitz, where users can find, book and indulge in hotels at thousands of venues spread across the globe, whether it be for the night or the near future.

The app, featuring a remarkably slick design that doesn’t hinder usability, allows users to search, review and book hotels. In addition, users get the added bonus of access to Orbitz Mobile Steals – “exclusive mobile-only discounts of up to 50%.” The app allows the user to revise search results based on either best value, lowest price, or by distance. The user can also see convenient additions to each listing, such as photos, guest reviews, and special offers.

However, whilst browsing the app, the currency was displayed in dollars rather than pounds for the vast majority of hotel prices, with no integration with in the application to convert to pounds. A detail worth taking into account if you are using the app in the UK.

We’d definitely recommend this app if you’re the travelling type that loves a good deal, an excellent hotel, and a convenient location near you.

Tom Wyatt
Android is undoubtedly the most flexible phone operating system out there, and I write to give the users of Android the latest news, app reviews and walkthroughs of today's technology.