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Runtastic debuts its own fitness tracker, the $120 Orbit

Runtastic is moving beyond just the software game, as the company has now launched their own fitness tracker, the Orbit.
July 31, 2014

When it comes to fitness apps, Runtastic is more than likely one of the first names that come to mind, and with good reason. Runtastic apps tend to not only be well designed, but feature packed as well. Now Runtastic is taking its expertise in fitness to a new level by introducing the Orbit, a fitness tracker that it built with Runtastic’s many apps in mind.

Unlike some of the more basic fitness bands out there, the Orbit packs a ton of features and doubles as a watch thanks to its built in OLED display. The Orbit is meant to be worn all the time and to help achieve this goal, the device easily offers up to an entire week of battery life. As for its core features, Orbit tracks calories burned, steps taken, distance, total active minutes and even your sleep. The watch can also provide inactivity vibration alerts and works as an alarm.


In addition to playing nice with many of Runtastic’s existing apps, there’s also a special Runtastic Me app that syncs with the Orbit to keep track of activities and as a hub for updates and setting alarms. For those interested, you can nab the Runtastic Orbit for $120 directly from the company’s website and it should be making its way to select retail stores in the not-too-distant future.