image_69bSometimes we struggle to make posts which we feel are stretching things somewhat. This one is such a case. According to a French website called Mobinaute, Orange France is set to release a slew of Android handsets this year; six to be precise. It is very important to note that the source of this information is in question and we have no way of assuring its validity. This makes us rather skeptical about the exact figures.

The source even goes on to say that the six Android handsets will be from no less than five different brands of manufacturer, including Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Samsung, and HTC. Notice that there was no word on Acer and the A1? Rumours contesting rumours, it is all a bit messy for me. Apparently, Orange also confirmed that the “Cupcake” update will be available in late April, and will be followed shortly by another large update in May/June.

We will happily take this with a pinch of salt and look forward to all these new Android phones, but don’t be disappointed if these promises don’t match up with the real deal when the time comes. Also, we have no way of knowing whether this Android bonanza will hold true for the rest of the Orange outlets in other countries. Time will tell.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.