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French-based ISP Orange is charging Google to send data over its network

French based ISP Orange is imposing charges on Google to help it compensate for Google's mammoth data usage. The question is, who is in the wrong here?
January 20, 2013
It appears as though French based ISP Orange is finally getting the justice it believes it deserves. Over the last several weeks, an ongoing battle has been going on between Orange and Google. The dispute being that Google used too much data on Orange’s network and, thus, had to pay for it. With the help of the French government, Google was forced to comply.

The biggest part of the problem can be summed up by Orange CEO Stephane Richard. According to Richard, Google was responsible for 50% of Orange’s traffic. Thus, they asked that Google pay their share. After weeks of negotiation, a deal was made. There are no details as to how much Orange got in the deal.

Things could be getting worse for the Mountain View company in France and Germany as well. As AFP reports, French government has threatened to impose a Google tax if things can’t be worked out with local media sources. This is due to Google allegedly making a lot of advertisement money by referencing local media online.

So Orange is getting compensation and local media is after Google too. Anyone else?

Sadly, yes there are more. Free, another ISP based in France, installed ad blocking software on their servers. This prevented Google from making any money. That isn’t happening anymore, though, as the French government stepped in on Google’s behalf.

In France, it appears as though the search giant does not have a lot of friends. It can be somewhat understandable as Google does use a lot of data there. They also make a lot of ad money. However, it’s debatable on whether it’s fair that the search giant pay for delivering content to Orange subscribers. After all, if there was no Google allowed on Orange, how many people would realistically stay on Orange’s network? Google being forced to pay local media is a little off as well. Let us know what you think about all this.