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Orange partners up with Lookout, plans to bundle app in new devices

Orange mobile has entered into an agreement with Lookout Mobile Security. The deal will see the Lookout security app preloaded onto Orange smartphones and tablets starting in early 2013. Whether it'll go the way of bloatware or if people will actually use it is anyone's guess.
December 5, 2012
Mobile carriers, OEMs, and Android developers work together pretty frequently. In many cases, when OEMs or mobile carriers like an app that Android app developers make, they’ll add it to the device before launch. Usually, this is known as bloatware. Sometimes the app can be genuinely useful, like when Dropbox was added to some HTC devices before launch. Orange mobile has invested in the popular security app Lookout and will be bundling the app in their devices.

According to The Next Web, Lookout will show up on devices in Slovakia, the UK, Spain, and France. It should start in early 2013. Since that is right around the corner, it’s likely that the next wave of Orange smartphones and tablets will have it. Orange intends to expand that to other countries and devices later in 2013.

The deal will also allow Deutsche Telekom to use Lookout’s security apps on their networks. Namely, its T-Mobile USA network. Some devices, like the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 already have security apps made by Lookout. However, all T-Mobile phones starting sometime next year will have it as well.

What will Lookout bring to Orange customers?

There were some fun facts that came with the announcement. For instance, Lookout claims to find €5.5 million in lost phones every day. Whether that is actually lost or just dropped in the couch cushions is anyone’s guess. As for the anti-virus functions, it’s a coin flip. Many people believe apps like Lookout really work, while others believe it’s bogus.

Even if the anti-virus part is nonsense, being able to find your device is definitely a useful feature. Is this is a smart move by Orange or will it be yet another bloatware app people won’t use? Let us know what you think.