Here’s one infringement case we thought was a no-brainer: Oracle’s patent claim on Google’s Android. Thankfully, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) also recognized this and delivered a final rejection to Google. The rejection was issued last Dec. 20 after reexamining the US Patent No. 6,192,476 by Oracle. Each patent claim was reexamined, including Claim 14, the only one that Oracle asserted during the litigation process.

Out of the 21 patent claims, USPTO rejected 17. This included 7 independent patent claims of Oracle. It is expected that Oracle will seek an appeal or reconsideration after this action, however, they are only given until Feb. 20 to do so.

If you can still remember, Oracle sued Google back in August 2010 for the alleged violation of Android OS on several patents and copyrights within Java. The database software giant had previously acquired Java through Sun Microsystems. Google has denied such claims.

Oracle claimed that Google had caused ‘irreparable harm’ to Java because of the ‘continued migration of device manufacturers and application developers from Java to Android.’ FOSS Patents released.

In the meantime, Google has released a joint statement stating that it had ‘no interest in delaying resolution of this case any longer than necessary.’ However, adhering to Oracle’s request to start the patent trial in January 2012 was ‘not probable.’ Google cited scheduling conflicts and requested that it will be difficult for them to have any trials before July 2012.

Currently, over 150 million mobile devices use Android.


[Source: 9 to 5 Google]