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LG is comparing the display of the Optimus G Pro with the Galaxy Note 2 in a new video. While the simulations are a bit over the top, the points are still valid.

We were very impressed with the new LG Optimus G Pro when we saw it at MWC last week. Darcy even said he is considering dumping his beloved Galaxy Note 2 for LG’s latest beauty; and that says something.

One of the main attractions of the G Pro is its stunning 5.5-inch full HD display. The IPS panel delivers an amazing level of crispness (400 ppi) and the color calibration is accurate. But how does the display of the Optimus G Pro stack up against the reigning king of phablets, the Galaxy Note 2?

LG thinks that its product is superior to the Note 2 and it’s not afraid to show it. Check out the video below. LG claims that the G Pro delivers better viewing angles, a crisper image, and nicer colors than an unnamed competitor that is obviously the AMOLED Note 2.

The video is exaggerated, in my opinion. I mean, even at just 720p, the display of the Note 2 is still an excellent one. Still the points are mostly valid.

As I expected, LG has commenced a frontal assault against the Note 2. The Lucky Goldstar company wants a piece of the phablet action, now that consumers have shown they’re crazy for bigger phones. To stay ahead, Samsung is said to be making a 5.9-inch phone, that could well be the Note 3. But that’s months away. For now, LG (along with Huawei and ZTE) have a chance to undermine Samsung in this area.

For more on Optimus G Pro vs Galaxy Note 2, check out our MWC comparison video:

Would you trade the Note 2 for the Optimus G Pro?

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