LG has just uploaded a six minute video to YouTube where they demo several of the new features in their most recent flagship device, the Optimus G. We’re a little upset with some of the language that the company used. They say the video is the “first review” of the device, which it isn’t, because companies can’t review their own devices. They also say that the 13 megapixel camera in the Optimus G is the highest megapixel camera on the market, but again, it isn’t. HTC made the 16 megapixel Titan II Windows Phone, and Nokia made the 41 megapixel 808 PureView. We also can’t help but laugh when LG shows off their lock screen. The guy doing the demo taps the display and guess what sound the Optimus G makes? The exact same water droplet noise that Samsung put in the hugely popular Galaxy S3.

But enough about the bad things, what’s awesome about this phone? You know pinch to zoom and how that works on photos, right? Well, LG has now done that to videos. They’ve also added the pinch to zoom gesture to the photo gallery, so you can view teeny tiny thumbnails, or huge thumbnails, whatever suites your taste. Most impressive is the voice activated shutter. Say “cheese” or “LG” while using the camera app and it’ll snap a photo for you!

We’ll know more about the Optimus G once we get our hands on one. It’s expected to hit the market in November, which isn’t too far off. There’s even rumors floating around that LG is going to make a Nexus version of the Optimus G. If true, that would be totally wild, because there’s nothing out on the market that currently compete’s with the G in terms of specs.

It’s a device that’s in a class of its own.