Yup. Finally, the Great North will see the likes of the long-awaited Optimus 4x HD. The much hyped and more-than-capable-to-deliver phone is apparently being released on WIND Mobile and Videotron. This news today, confirmed via press release, and additional news that it will all go down in October.

Both carriers could use this beast on their network; once live on each network, it will be the flagship for both in terms of power. Quad-core is something a lot of manufacturers are pushing these days, and LG is one of the pack. But to really see the quad-core shine, you need a decent OS behind it and that’s where most of you know LG falls flat. The 4X HD comes with ICS but we were hoping for some JB love to complement this truly unique mobile experience.

Having been quite a disappointment in the past, when it comes to Android updates, the company noted,

In an eventual future JB upgrade, LG will introduce Eco-Mode specifically for the Optimus 4X HD which will allow users to manually shut down any of the Tegra 3′s cores for even more control over power consumption and performance.

That sounds pretty sketchy coming from a company that has a thin trust relationship already. How about keeping to a schedule like Facebook does and just update because you care about keeping your loyal customer base?

We don’t have any news yet on pricing but when we do, as always, we’ll update you promptly, so you can go get your Optimus 4X HD fix!