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You may not be familiar with the Oppo brand name, but you should be. The up-and-coming Chinese phone manufacturer made a lot of waves late last year when it first introduced its 1080p-touting Find 5 handset. More recently, Oppo has been working hard to promote its latest effort, the Oppo N1, which offers a unique rotating camera and a rear touchpad.

The N1 not only has some cool (though border-line gimmicky) hardware features, but it also has reasonably high-end specs including a Snapdragon 600 CPU and 2GB of RAM. The handset is currently priced at CNY3,498, which is roughly equal to $571.

Interested in seeing what Oppo has to offer, but not willing to shell out close to $600 to try it out? If you’re lucky, you may have the opportunity to get your hands on the Oppo N1 ahead of the international launch, for just $99 outright.

What’s the catch here? This promotion is all part of a new “Oppo Pioneer program”. Under the terms of the program, users who get the phone for $99 will be asked to share their experiences with the handset on a weekly basis. No word on how many weeks this sharing will be required.

It is important to note that this is a very limited opportunity, as the promotion starts today and will end in just two weeks. Oppo will also only pick ten lucky applicants. In order to qualify for the offer, you’ll need to send in an application detailing why you’d be a good choice for their special Pioneer program. This is somewhat similar to the Google Glass Explorers promotion that happened earlier this year, though in a much more limited capacity.

The Oppo Pioneer program is clearly an attempt to push forward the company’s international marketing efforts and generate additional hype for the handset. The promotion might be very limited in scope, but it’s still worth sending in an application if you don’t mind sharing your thoughts about the handset if you are lucky enough to be picked.

How about it, anyone interested in applying for the program? For more details, head over to Oppo’s official English-language website.

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