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Oppo N3 teaser shows off camera optics, also reveals fingerprint reader

A new teaser for the Oppo N3 shows off the phone cameras optics and also reveals what appears to be a fingerprint scanner.
October 21, 2014

If there’s one thing that Oppo is exceptional at, it’s the slow tease as it prepares to launch its latest flagships. Today Oppo released a new teaser image for the upcoming Oppo N3 (what happened to the N2? Ask the Find 6…) that shows off the camera’s optics and has a tagline that reads “precision optics”.

The image itself really doesn’t tell us much about what to expect from the camera, but it’s worth noting that the image shows off the upper half of the phone’s back and seems to reveal what looks an awful lot like a fingerprint reader. Considering quite a few flagship mobile devices have made the move towards fingerprint scanning, we can’t say we are all that terribly surprised. Additionally, last week an image of the N3’s back leaked, showing what looked like a fingerprint scanner on its back.

Between the fingerprint scanner and the rumors of a Snapdragon 805 with 3GB of RAM, it appears that the Oppo N3 could end up having pretty bleeding edge specs. Interestingly enough, while the Oppo N1’s specs weren’t bad, they weren’t nearly as cutting edge even at the time the handset was released.

What do you think, excited for the Oppo N3 or not?