Oppo N1 camera aa 6

Oppo announced it will begin selling the hotly anticipated N1 on December 10.

The Oppo N1 will retail for $599 unlocked in the United States and for €449 in Europe, from Oppo’s online store and some third-party online retailers, depending on the market. In the United States, Oppo will sell the N1 through Oppostyle.com and Amazon. The Chinese company set up a page directing users to the channels that are available in each market.

The most interesting feature of the N1 is the fact that it will ship with two distinct Android-based operating systems – Oppo’s own Color OS and Steve Kondik’s CyanogenMod. The device will not dual-boot the two OS, but switching from the default Color OS to CM will be easy thanks to a preloaded stock recovery that doesn’t require root or other fiddling with the software. A limited number of devices will ship with CyanogenMod pre-installed.

Dual operating systems aside, the Oppo N1 stands out through its hardware as well. The phone features a 13MP camera that users can swivel around for self-portraits, a touchpad on its back that simplifies one-hand operation, and a Bluetooth-enabled remote control/key-finder similar to the HTC Fetch. Overall specs are pretty impressive, though some may balk at the older Snapdragon 600 processor.

Check out our full review for more information on the Oppo N1. Are you tempted by its price tag?