oppo n1 promo

We’ve already seen a bevy of “leaks”, renders, trailers, rumors, and speculation about the new Oppo N1, but now there’s something a little more concrete on the menu – an official image of the actual device, straight from Oppo.

What does the promo tell us? First, we can see the slim bezels around the 5.9-inch display that Oppo has been touting. Then, there’s Oppo’s promise to forever banish the seven sins of smartphone photography: noise, glare, distortion, ghosting, lack of focus, jitter, and purple fringing.

oppo-n1-promo 2

That’s a bold claim if we’ve ever seen one, but hyperbole aside, it’s been rumored that the up and coming Chinese company has put an excellent camera on the N1, with a large lens and cutting-edge optics. Moreover, the N1 may feature a sensor that is similar to the one in the excellent Sony Xperia Z1, which, we’ve seen in early sample galleries, produces some great results in low-light conditions.

The Oppo N1 is expected to debut on September 21, possibly alongside a camera attachment that is similar to Sony’s QX systems. Excited?

Bogdan Petrovan
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