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Oppo N1 coming this year, Find 7 will arrive in late 2014 - says Oppo representative

Wondering when to expect the Oppo N1 and Oppo Find 7? According to an Oppo representative, the N1 will arrive later this year, with the Find 7 coming late next year.
September 2, 2013
oppo n1 leak

The Oppo Find 5 is a beautiful handset with top notch specs and wonderful build quality, even though it is still largely unknown outside of China. This time around, Oppo seems ready to kick the hype train into high gear with its upcoming N1.

The company has already released several teasers (videos and pics) to get the media buzzing about its sexy new cameraphone. When will the teasing stop and give way to an actual release? We might not know exactly when the handset will arrive, but we do know it will be unveiled September 23rd and will arrive sometime this year.

Taking to Oppo’s G+ page, one G+ user asked the simple question, “When is the N1 and Find 7 coming?” Oppo quickly returned with an answer, “The N1 is coming this year, while the Find 7 is coming late next year.” 

It was probably rather obvious that the Oppo N1 would arrive in 2013, but it’s a refreshing change when a company is willing to actually deliver any type of response to an average consumer, instead of the “no comment” routine we so often hear.

More importantly, the response from Oppo makes it clear that the Oppo N1 is the company’s current primary focus, and that the previously confirmed Oppo Find 7 is still a long ways off.

What do you think of the Oppo N1 based on what we know so far, excited or indifferent? Still waiting it out for the Find 7?

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