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Like other up and coming Chinese electronics manufacturers, Oppo is a young company that’s relatively unknown in the West. While the company has been making Blu-Ray players, LCD monitors, and other products for several years now, it became well-known this year, thanks to its bold new smartphones.

When the Finder was first teased back in spring, Oppo claimed that the 6.65mm-thick device was the thinnest smartphone in the world. Other contenders have since challenged that title (including the iPhone 5), but Oppo did manage to make a good impression with its sleek and powerful device.

oppo thinnest smartphone

The Oppo Finder

Then the Find 5 took the spotlight, a quad-core beast of a smartphone sporting a beautiful 5-inch full  HD display. The Find 5 will compete with the HTC DLX (the international version of the Droid DNA/Butterfly J), probably at a better price point. The device is expected to launch in Beijing  on December 12, and shapes up to be one of the most interesting smartphones of the season.

The new Find 5 and the Finder are both impressive technical achievements that secured Oppo a place among the cutting-edge Android smartphone manufacturers, but Oppo has been making smartphones for several years.

If you are curious about the company’s history, we’ve just stumbled across a short video that will take you through Oppo’s journey. Check it out below.

The journey to today’s high-end smartphones began in 2005, with a series of portable media players. From there, Oppo took the next step and entered the phone market, with the “smiling phone” and the Real-series music smartphones, developed in collaboration with Real Networks, the streaming media pioneer. In 2011, Oppo decided to focus on three distinct product lines – Find, Real, and Ulike (the Ulike 2 is a women-focused device that Oppo recently unveiled).

Oppo vowed to never become a regular brand, and so far, we say that they are on the right path. With the Find 5 ready to launch, the video promises a new Oppo, and, if that means more powerful and stylish smartphones, we are all for it.

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