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Oppo Find 7: top 7 features

While the Oppo Find 7 brings plenty of new features and improvements over its predecessor, there are seven key features that stand above the rest. Join us as we take a look!
March 19, 2014

After months of teasing us with various hints about the handset, Oppo has now officially taken the wraps off the Find 7 at a special event in Beijing. There are plenty of things to love about Oppo’s latest flagship, but seven features in particular stand above the rest.

Without further ado, let’s jump in and take a look at the Oppo Find 7’s top features:

A stunning display

Find 7 2014 Hands on AA-1180685

Although the Vivo Xplay 3S has the honor of being the very first handset to feature a QHD display, the Find 7 is the first device to squeeze such a high resolution display into a 5.5-inch screen. As a result, the Find 7 offers an extremely impressive 538ppi, beating out any other device currently on the market.

In addition to its impressive 2560×1440 resolution, the Find 7 display also features gapless screen technology and a TOL (Touch On Lens) module. For those that aren’t aware, a TOL module only uses one glass sheet and has ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) film directly attached on the protective glass layer, the end result is a thinner, lighter and more durable module.

The Oppo Find 7’s display also has the advantage of working even if used with wet or gloved hands.

Ultra-fast charging capabilities

Oppo Find 7 Battery -1190602

In addition to a sizable 3000 mAh battery (or 2800 mAh for 1080p variant), the Oppo Find 7 features voltage opened loop and multi-step constant current charging (VOOC) technology. Technical terms aside, this basically means that the handset provides best-in-class fast charging capabilities.

How fast are we talking about exactly? The Oppo Find 7 is capable of going from a 0% to 75% charge in just 30 minutes, with just a 5 minute charge providing a whole 2 hours of talk time.

Skyline notification light


A notification light might not seem like something you’d consider as a “top feature”, but the Skyline light could change your mind. The Oppo Find 7’s light uses a LGF light guide film that allows the handset to produce a cascade of glowing light.

You really need to see it in person or look at the light in a video in order to really get a feel for exactly how the Skyline stands out, but basically the light’s shine goes from the middle of the area and permeates in a curve throughout the bottom of the phone.



Just like the Oppo N1, the Oppo Find 7 puts a great deal of focus into bringing us a solid camera experience. The Oppo Find 7 might not offer the rotating functionality seen in the the N1, but the Find 7 does offer a 13MP shooter with the latest Sony EXMOR IMX 214 sensor.

Although the camera app is largely unchanged from the Oppo N1, the Oppo Find 7 does offer 4K recording @ 30fps, 32 second low light photography, a GIF maker, and a new 50MP “Super Zoom” feature.

Super Zoom basically works by allowing the Find 7’s camera to take ten photos at the backend with just the press of a button. The Find 7 will then automatically combine these photos into a high quality 50MP image.

Expandable storage

Oppo Find 7 SD Slot -1190626
Find 7 2014 Hands on AA-1180600

With many Android flagships ditching SD card support these days, its refreshing to see that Oppo is actually making a change in the opposite direction. While the Oppo Find 5 and Oppo N1 both lacked microSD support, Oppo seems to have finally realized that many consumers do in fact want expandable storage.


Oppo Find 7 Battery -1190595

Yet another first for Oppo, the Find 7 offers support for LTE in several regional versions of its handset. For the international model, FDD-LTE is supported on Bands B1/3/7/20 and TD-LTE on Band B40. In Mexico and the U.S., FDD-LTE is supported on Bands B1/4/17.

In the past, lack of LTE support has really only been a major point of contention in the United States, but as LTE continues to spread its reach globally, LTE support has quickly become a must have feature.

Build Quality


High-end build quality has long been a priority for Oppo, especially when it comes to the Find series. Rest assured, the Find 7 is no exception. The aesthetics of the Find 7 are quite similar to its predecessor, providing an attractive build with steel elements.

The back of the handset is either carbon fiber if you have the QHD model, or a brushed metal design if you have the 1080p variant.

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