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Oppo Find 5 stocks exhausted in a few hours in China. Plus, benchmarks

With Sony’s Xperia Z making the most unexpected waves and the HTC M7 and Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors gaining traction, the Oppo Find 5 pretty much fell off our radar.
January 29, 2013

With Sony’s Xperia Z making the most unexpected waves and the HTC M7 and Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors gaining traction, the Oppo Find 5 pretty much fell off our radar. Which is a shame if you think about it, because Oppo’s beast was actually the second Full HD smartphone to get an official unveiling.

But now the “budget” monster is back in the spotlight with not one, but two exciting stories. First off, as expected, Oppo didn’t manage to handle the 5-incher’s release very well. In fact, we’re getting word that it took only a few hours for all Find 5 stocks to be wiped out across China.

Only the 16 GB model was up for grabs via Oppo’s online store and a bunch of other retailers (both on and offline), but that didn’t seem to discourage a lot of folks. Sounds impressive, but is it really? We always guessed Oppo wouldn’t be able to make big batches of this phone available at once, so we’re probably dealing with a Xiaomi-like episode of insufficient supply.


That said, we can’t know how many units were or are being shipped as we speak, but we at least hope pre-orders made these past weeks will be fulfilled. As for the US launch, rumored to happen soon after the one in China, we’re starting to have our doubts.

Moving on from these unpleasant things that prove many Chinese OEMs are still not ready for the big stage, it’s time for something far more enjoyable – benchmarks. An early prototype of the Find 5 was already tested a few weeks ago, but now the final retail version has had its hardware reviewed.

The results are different and there’s an obvious performance boost to be noticed, but the 5-incher still comes up a bit short against some of the fierce competition. The AnTuTu total score for instance is slightly below 19,000 points, which is awesome compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X.


But those are no longer the standards when it comes to high-end phones, and, after seeing the HTC J Butterfly go over the 20,000 points mark, the Find 5 looks a tad less majestic.

Find 5’s 7,000 Quadrant score tells a similar tale, being better than GS3 and One X’s results, but worse than what we’ve seen from HTC’s Droid DNA. Finally, the 56.2 fps score in Nenamark again ranks Oppo’s 5-incher ahead of some of its opponents, including the Galaxy Note 2, but behind the world’s first 1080p smartphone.


Before giving you the floor and exposing myself to criticism (again), I just want to underline that benchmarks exist for our amusement and our amusement only. Different devices tested at different times will produce different scores, so, while I welcome your insight and look forward to hearing your own results, try to not get too heated up.

You have a Galaxy S2 that scores 50,000 in AnTuTu? Good for you. Just don’t jump at someone’s throat because his S2 only gets 5,000 points. Also, keep in mind that benchmark results and real-life performance don’t have that much in common, so the Find 5 could well be more powerful than HTC’s DNA after all. Now, let’s hear your thoughts. On the benchmarks, the limited supply or anything else that might be on your mind. Shoot!