LG’s Optimus G might get the honor of being the first ever Snapdragon S4 Pro-powered phone to enjoy a wide release, but it shouldn’t take long for its awesome spec sheet to be undercut by a different device.

The long rumored HTC phablet (now believed to get to carry the Nexus torch) will most likely be a very strong contender for the title of world’s most powerful smartphone, but we should also keep an eye on the more exotic Pantech Vega R3, Xiaomi Mi-Two, and Oppo Find 5.

We haven’t heard much about the Mi-Two lately and the Vega R3 has only popped up a couple of days ago, so the two seem like long-shot contenders after all. The Oppo Find 5, on the other hand, appears to garner more attention by the day, with the rumor mill grinding more than once during the past few weeks.

But you can’t keep on feeding tech users with rumors, or else they’ll become bored, so it was only natural to expect some official things to be cleared up about the Find 5. Fortunately, Oppo understood that very well, so we can finally say the Find 5 has an official set of features.

The spec sheet is far from complete, but the details known right now are explosive, being quickly listed below:

  • 5-inch display with a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and a 441 PPI pixel density
  • Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 12 MP rear-facing camera
  • 2,500 mAh battery
  • 6.65 mm thickness

As impressive as these specs are, they don’t come as a surprise anymore, being revealed to us in a less official manner about a week ago. That doesn’t mean we can’t still be excited about that one-of-a-kind 1080p display or the S4 Pro/Jelly Bean combo, not to mention the pretty hefty 2,500mAh battery.

One detail that is a surprise however is the 6.65mm “waist” of this beast, which could be a record – at least for such a humongous device. That is the same thickness rocked by the Oppo Finder, the 4.3-incher launched some time back and proclaimed “the world’s thinnest smartphone.” We don’t know exactly how sturdy and solid the Find 5 will manage to be in these conditions, but in terms of portability and style it should be booming.

The mystery on the pricing and availability departments is still at heights, which is a bit frustrating, but hopefully Oppo is smart enough to understand that the timeframe for riding the wave of popularity is a very short one for phones coming from not very established names in the industry.

How much time are you still willing to give the Oppo Find 5 before an eventual release? A month? Two? Three? Six months?

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