Color OS on HTC One

The Oppo N1 was launched yesterday to much fanfare, but what was almost as beautiful as the smartphone itself was the new UI that Oppo launched along with the N1. The new ColorOS is Oppo’s own overlay on top of Android 4.2.2 and it’s only taken a day for a talented developer to port the ROM to the HTC One.

The port is based on a Sense 4.2.2 ROM and it includes all of the Sense frameworks meaning you can manually install Sense apps by grabbing the APK off of the internet.

The ROM doesn’t include Google Apps and you’ll lose root access, but you can get root access back by flashing SuperSU (or your preferred SU method) and flashing Google Apps.

Oppo’s ColorOS is one of the best looking light theme Android ROMs, so if you’d like to try it on your GSM unlocked HTC One (the developer warns of data issues on carrier models), head over to the source link for the download link and installation instructions (all at your own risk of course).

Do you prefer Oppo’s ColorOS over other custom overlays by other companies like Samsung and HTC?