opera asia pacific report
Opera, the company behind popular similarly named browser series (Opera for PC, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile for mobile) has just released its monthly “State of the Mobile Web” report, this time focusing on the Asia Pacific region. As those with knowledge of the Asian cellphone (smartphones + feature phones) market would expect, mobile internet traffic has soared during the last year in the region.

However, before we dive in Opera’s State of the Mobile Web report, it should be mentioned that this report only takes into consideration data transferred via the Opera Mobile and Opera Mini browsers, meaning the data is not relevant when talking about platform or manufacturer market shares. This is mostly due to the fact that the vast majority of iPhone and Android users are not using Opera’s mobile web browser, while most Nokia handsets come with the browser pre-installed. However, when it comes to analyzing the overall growth of the mobile internet usage, this report can only help towards a better understanding of the mobile internet market in the Asia Pacific region.

According to Opera’s report, the increase in usage of Opera Mini on smartphones during July 2012 has increased to 32% for the entire Asia Pacific region, up from just 9% during July 2011. The countries where smartphone internet usage has increased significantly include Indonesia (where the number of Opera Mini users on a smartphone has increased by 460%), Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

When it comes to the most popular websites in the region, it will surely come of no surprise to learn that Facebook, Google and Youtube are the most popular sites (in many countries the exact same sequence can be found at the top). Meanwhile, Facebook is the most visited domain for the region and holds the number one spot in 16 out of 25 countries in the region. Only China and South Korea feature a website other than the three mentioned above as the most visited domain. Baidu.com is the top dog in China, while Naver.com holds the number one spot in Samsung’s and LG’s home country. For more detailed, country-specific reports, head on to Opera State of the Mobile Web report for July website through the source link.

What are your takes on this? Does it surprise you that the Asia Pacific region is reporting massive uptakes in the smartphone internet usage percentage? Let us know in the comment section below!