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Opera Browser updated with new look for Tablets

Opera has spent 2013 revamping their entire mobile interface and most recently, an Opera tablet UI was added. In this review we check it out!
November 22, 2013
Opera has spent 2013 revamping their entire mobile browser interface. Earlier this year, we reviewed all the big changes to Opera Browser. With their latest big update, there is now a brand new Opera tablet UI that optimizes the look and feel for tablets. If you’d rather watch than read, check out the video above.

Opera tablet UI review

Opera tablet UI

Even though there are a lot of changes, many of them are subtle. To start, Opera takes advantage of the increased screen real estate on tablet screens by using a real tab system like you’d find on desktop browsers. This differs from the phone browser which uses the Chrome-like Square with numbers to denote tabs open.

Another change you’ll notice is the settings menu. Instead of opening the settings to the full screen, you instead get a windowed settings menu that you can click out of without using the back button. It looks nice and it doesn’t make you reach for that back button.

Other UI enhancements involve moving as many things to the left and right sides as possible. Adding things to the Speed Dial is now in the top right where you can get it to it with your thumb. Replacing it on the left side of the address bar, where it is on phones, is an icon that’ll take you quickly to speed dial.

Opera Tablet UI review
Aside from moving buttons around, the new settings, and the actual tabs, everything else remains the same. Since there is more screen real estate, the app feels like it makes better use of the space and everything looks more spaced out and comfortable. It does not have that cramped feeling of a phone browser and we liked that a lot.

Overall, we liked this new UI improvement. It really takes advantage of the space provided by tablets while maintaining a user friendly interface by putting essential functions within the reach of a thumb. If you’re looking for a browser on your tablet, it’s worth giving this one a shot. You can pick it up by clicking the button.

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