The clever chaps over at OpenMoko are hard at work on an Android port to their existing Freerunner and Neo1973 phones. Although OpenMoko hasn’t set an official timeline for the port, Canadian company Koolu is already pledging to offer Freerunners (rebranded as WE Phones) running a beta of Android around November. We’ll believe it when we see it as according to this developer’s blog it’s quite a difficult task due to Android being developed on a slightly different CPU than what is used in the OpenMoko devices.

OpenMoko is famous for developing completely open smartphones. The phones have been recieved to mixed criticism due to software glitches and changes of direction in their Linux-based software platform. Android could really help OpenMoko by providing access to the much larger pool of Android developers and apps as well as unifying their software platform. Android also fits perfectly into OpenMoko’s staunchly open-source philosophy. Everybody wins.

[via AndroidGuys]