openmoko freerunner neo1973CORRECTION: It is only the follow-up device that has been killed off.  The Neo FreeRunner will continue to be sold.

It appears that the open source smartphone known as the Neo FreeRunner made by Openmoko has breathed its last breath (in German).  Openmoko’s CEO, Sean Moss-Pultz, announced that he has killed the product and that his company was reducing staff by 50% while he was speaking at an event in Bern, Switzerland.

Moss-Pultz said that the FreeRunner had only sold 10,000 units and that the company would now focus on a non-cell phone related product in an effort to stay alive.

Koolu had previously announced that it would be making Android available for the FreeRunner.

I apologize for the confusion.  My German is a bit rusty these days, and I didn’t read the story as thoroughly as I should have.  Thanks to P3t3r for pointing it out.

[via Phone Scoop]