Another season, another pair of amazing tablets from Apple. Yesterday’s iPad event lacked major surprises, but it delivered what most fans expected from Tim Cook’s company: the same experience in a nicer package.


iPad mini

Starting with the iPad mini, the 7.9-inch tablet received a nice update that puts it on par with its larger sibling in terms of user experience. The mini no longer runs on outdated internals, like the first generation did, now featuring a 2048 x 1536 display and a 64-bit A7 processor, just like the iPad Air. The new iPad mini is (gasp!) very slightly thicker and heavier than its predecessor, presumably to accommodate the larger battery required to power the extra pixels of the screen. The device will be available from November, starting from $399.

ipad-airiPad Air

Apple redesigned the 9.7-inch iPad to make it thinner and lighter, and in line with the design of the iPad mini. The device got a new name to match that amazing (no irony this time) 469 grams weight – iPad Air, making some vainly hold their breath for a “one more thing” moment in the form of an iPad Pro. The iPad Air is also faster, thanks to the same A7 processor found in the new iPhones and the new iPad mini. The device will be available from November 1, starting from $499.

What’s your take?

Now for the big question – how do the new iPads hold up against the best of Android? Are the iPads still the benchmark to beat when it comes to tablets? Is the new breed of Android tablets (new Nexus 7, G Pad 8.3, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, the upcoming Asus-made Nexus 10, even the new Kindle Fires) too strong to beat?

Apple still has the upper hand in industrial design, and, because it controls the entire ecosystem, it’s able to deliver excellent performance and a very polished user experience. But Android tablets are more flexible, have more features, are cheaper, and come in a greater variety.

Our Andrew Grush took a quick look at the new iPads vs the best Android tablets here, and now we’d like to know your opinion. Are the new iPads tempting you in any way? Why/why not?

Answer our polls, sound off in the comments.

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