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With mere days left until Samsung lifts the veil on the Galaxy S4, we’re curious what you, Android fans, expect from the most important phone of the year. Sound off in the comments.

It’s that time of the year! The Galaxy S4 is coming. Android blogs are in overdrive. Samsung fans are giddy with excitement. HTC fans look bored (but slightly anxious), while iPhone fans look downright terrified (we kid, we love you guys).

No one can argue that the launch of the Galaxy S4 is a momentous event for Android and the tech world in general. Samsung is surely keen to unveil its new flagship with the biggest possible bang – the tech giant took over Times Square in New York, and booked the Radio City Music Hall for the launch event. We all wait to see what Samsung is having in store, and, just like with the Galaxy S3, expectations are sky high.

So, we are curious to see, how would your dream Galaxy S4 look like?

  • Aluminum? Glass? Plastic? Unicorn skin?
  • Exynos 5 Octa or Snapdragon 600?
  • AMOLED or LCD?
  • Rounded corners or angular design?
  • TouchWiz Nature or a revamped UI?

Tell us in the comments and stick around, for we’ll be covering every last piece of Galaxy S4 news in the next few days!

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