samsung galaxy round flexible display curved screen (4)

Now that the dust has begun to settle around the Galaxy Round, we’re curious to hear your opinion on Samsung’s intriguing new phone.

The Round’s defining feature is the plastic-based display, the first of its kind to ship in a commercial product. By replacing the conventional glass substrate with a plastic substrate that can bend slightly, Samsung managed to create a phone that curves from side to side. It’s not what most of us expected from the technology, but it’s a first step on a path that we’ll one day lead us to bendable devices, foldable screens, and roll-out tablets.

The Full HD curved screen is the most interesting feature of the Galaxy Round, but the phone itself is pretty great. You get most of the specs of the Galaxy Note 3, save for the S Pen and the smaller battery. Samsung downgraded to a 2800 mAh curved battery that the video below suggests is manufactured by LG.

Samsung added a few software features to make that curved shape a bit more interesting, but there’s nothing to write home about. Roll Effect lets you check out the time, battery status, or notification by tilting the phone to a side, but we’re skeptical that many users will be blown away by this capability.

What’s your take on the Galaxy Round? Is it a disappointing gimmick  or an encouraging road opener? Do you see yourself using a phone like the Round? What would you choose between the Note 3 and the Round?

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