When it comes to multiple-way video chatting, Oovoo is considered one of the best apps out there, unless you happen to use Oovoo for Android or the iPhone. While the PC, iPad and Facebook variants allow up to 12-way video chatting, Android and iPhone users have been stuck with only seeing one video stream at a time during these conversations. Until today, that is. The new update might not allow massive 12-way viewing, but adding the ability to see four friends’ video streams is a welcome change.

While the addition of 4-stream viewing is the biggest change in the new app update, it’s not the only new feature.¬†Oovoo for Android now includes push notifications and background text chat during the calls, in addition to a widget and better Android contacts integration.

This is far from the only video chatting service out there, and isn’t even the only 4-way chatting system, but it is certainly easy to use and very popular.

Interested in trying out Oovoo for your multi-stream chat needs? Android users can snag the app through Google Play.