OnLive has finally come to Android smartphones and tablets. Now, you can experience gaming on your Android devices like never before thanks to the Universal Wireless Controller. During the Uplinq 2011 event hosted by Qualcomm, OnLive publicized and introduced the Universal Wireless Controller wherein you will be able to enjoy playing video games on various devices as long as it is supported by OnLive. Thankfully the list is quite healthy, and is growing. Devices like OnLive’s MicroConsole, Vizio TVs with VIA Plus, any PC’s and of course Android devices will all be supported. .

“We set out to make OnLive available everywhere. Now that this is a reality, consumers need a way to enjoy the full OnLive experience on any device. The new OnLive Universal Wireless Controller places high-quality gameplay in your hands whether on a TV, computer, tablet/smartphone device or on future OnLive-compatible devices yet to be introduced.”Steve Perlman, OnLive CEO and Founder

With the Universal Wireless Controller, you will be able to control these devices through wireless technology. No one knows how the technology works except OnLive and they don’t want to talk about it. Take a look at how smooth the wireless technology works on the HTC Flyer and without a doubt you will be impressed.

And hey, OnLive doesn’t just settle there. They are planning “to have 50 million Blu-ray players and 25 million Internet TVs shipped with the service on board by the end of the year”. With a bit of luck and fingers crossed, Google TV could potentially be getting OnLive compatibility soon too. And through this, the platform can gain some momentum and jump into the war of video-game consoles in which Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft currently rule.

The future of gaming is at your doorstep, friends. Sooner or later, there will be no need for fixed devices when you want to get your game on. Can you imagine the possibilities? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Engadget