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OnLive cloud gaming now available on LG Google TVs

LG has recently rolled-out an update to their Smart TV with Google TV (the G2 Series). The update brings a new premium app, the OnLive Game System which will allow you to play games from the cloud. Users will be able to demo games for free as well as subscribe or purchase/rent games a la carte.
November 15, 2012

It looks like LG has some news for those using a Smart TV with Google TV. Specifically, for those using the G2 Series and fans of gaming — a recent update has brought support for the OnLive gaming service. While we suspect many of the Android Authority readers will be familiar with what OnLive has to offer, for those who don’t, they allow users to play games over the cloud without the need for a console.

One perk of the OnLive service, you have a few options to consider in terms of getting games — you can play demos for free, purchase/rent games on an a la carte basis or become a premium subscriber and get unlimited play time on all the available titles. Another perk, with OnLive you can stop playing on your television and pick up where you left off on another device, including “many” Android tablets.

With those bits out of the way, lets get back to the LG Smart TV update. This update was delivered over-the-air and users should have already seen it delivered. Or, if you have yet to get it, the update should arrive shortly. The one catch here, this update will only apply to those using the LG G2 TV in the United States. The OnLive app will be found in the Premium Apps menu.

In addition to the service, you will also need to purchase the OnLive game controller. The controller sells for $50 and is cross-platform compatible.

And at risk of sounding like an OnLive fanboy, another perk is the ability to play cross platform. The OnLive service allows for cross-platform multiplayer gaming so you can play against friends regardless of the device they are using. Of course, the catch there, your friend will also need to be an OnLive subscriber.

Bottom line here, is you are a gamer and have an LG Smart TV with Google TV — you may want to check out the Premium App section.