Just a couple of days ago I was saying what a bad move Motorola made with the Droid RAZR “Developer Edition”, and not just because it’s a poor strategy in general to release so many similar (identical?) phones in such a short time, but because this time they are releasing a “new” phone that has absolutely nothing different from what the original phone has, except a small software tweak that they could do for the original one, too. I mean, what’s next? Releasing a “new” phone that only has a different background?

So it appears that online protests don’t get made only over bills like SOPA, but also over locked bootloaders, broken promises, and “slap-on-the-face” Developer Edition phones. What do they all have in common? Motorola. A group of protesters has gathered to protest against Motorola’s latest RAZR phone, and for breaking their promise to unlock the bootloaders of the phones by the end of 2011.

They call themselves #opmosh, short for Operation Make Ourselves Heard. It turns out they are the same people who back in 2011 got Motorola to agree to unlock their bootloaders by the end of the year. But Motorola didn’t, so now a lot of people bought their phones thinking that they will unlock them, only to find out later that Motorola’s fix for that is offering a whole new phone.

Feeling outraged over this? If you want to join the protest you can start by signing this petition. Only about 1000 more signatures needed it seems. You can also try other things that are listed in this XDA thread.

I’m hoping Google buys Motorola already to set them straight. Rumors say they might put someone from Google in charge of Motorola, once the acquisition is done, although I don’t know if that means getting rid of Motorola’s current CEO or not. Still, it most likely means that things at Motorola will start being done more Google’s way pretty soon.