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Marketing isn’t Mad Men anymore. The world has moved online, and it takes a whole different set of skills to be successful. You can get started with the Essential Online Marketing Blueprint Bundle right now on Tech Deals.

Whether you’re making the digital leap from traditional methods or just getting started with online marketing, this learning kit has the training you need to succeed. For starters, you can explore over 15 hours of content across six unique modules. In particular, you can take a deep dive into common skills like Facebook Ads and the basics of SEO.

Learn the online marketing skills to become the Don Draper of the digital day.

If you’re not looking for Facebook Ads guidance, you can also explore content marketing. That’s actually what I spend most of my day doing and, like almost all companies, it helps us keep the lights on at Android Authority. Of course, you have to be ready to work on your writing, photography, and video skills to engage your followers on all of your platforms.

Even though content marketing on blogs and social media is an essential skill, email marketing is still an integral part of online marketing. You can learn the essentials of good email etiquette and how to send emails that actually drive responses from your customers.

The Essential Online Marketing Blueprint Bundle

The Online Marketing Blueprint bundle:

The Essential Online Marketing Blueprint Bundle has a total retail value of almost $300 for all six modules. However, you can get started right now for just $29.99 on Tech Deals. You can get ready for your wildest Mad Men fantasies in the digital world.

This special deal won’t be here for more than a few days so check out the details via the link below.

$29 .99
The Essential Online Marketing Blueprint Bundle
Save $264 .01
Buy it Now
The Essential Online Marketing Blueprint Bundle Buy it Now
Save $264 .01 $29 .99

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