Having a flagship model that grabs headlines is a necessity for phone manufacturers, as it keeps the brand in the spotlight. But not every phone is destined to join the exclusive multi-million seller club. In HTC’s case, it was the low and mid-range models that kept the company afloat amidst the turbulent time, which explains why HTC is eager to capitalize on this newfound success.

The recently surfaced HTC Proto is the latest budget offering from the Taiwanese company. While it has been rumored to become the successor to the HTC One V, the phone may be joining HTC’s Desire lineup instead, and it will reportedly be known as the HTC Desire X.

Looking at the pictures, the Desire X really does have more resemblance to the Desire V than the One V — so it is looking very likely that the Desire X is the real deal.

As spotted in various online stores in Sweden and Norway,  the listing unfortunately doesn’t carry the phone’s full specs, which means so far we only know of the Desire X’s display (4.0-inch WVGA), processor (dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon), and rear camera (5MP sensor). The HTC Desire X is tentatively listed for 2,500 kr ($375) on the websites.

Bearing in mind that the name, specs and price of the Desire X haven’t been confirmed by HTC, the information above is still subject to change. We’ll pass along fresh details of the Proto/Desire X as we hear more from HTC.

Bams Sadewo

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