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OnePlus Tab on the way! [UPDATE: OnePlus statement]

OnePlus changed the smartphone market, and now it seems they are ready to take on the tablet market. A new leak suggest the OnePlus One Tab is on its way!
July 2, 2014

The OnePlus One proved to be one of the best smartphones of the year, while undercutting all competition with an insanely attractive $300-$350 price point. It is truly a marvel of modern technology, but it is a bit lonely so far. OnePlus changed the smartphone market, and now it seems they are ready to take on the tablet market.

A new leak from renown @evleaks shows a screenshot of a OnePlus test website. It looks very standard, but there is one category that may go unnoticed if you don’t take a close look. A new OnePlus Tab link has been included, signaling what could be an upcoming tablet coming from the now-popular manufacturer.


We wish we could have seen more, but that is the only information we are getting for now. There’s no word on specs or features just yet. If this tablet is real, we can expect it to surpass our expectations, just as the OnePlus One did.

Do keep in mind these are nothing but leaks and rumors. There is a high probability this rumors is true. After all, @evleaks has a great reputation for bringing the hottest leaks, which often prove to be real. He is not always 100% right, though, so let’s stay tuned and keep our eyes open for more details.

Update: OnePlus statement

OnePlus has gotten in touch with us with an official statement. It seems OnePlus is not getting ready to release a tablet. If they are, they aren’t ready to disclose anything just yet.

“OnePlus has no plans to make a tablet – we’re currently solely focused on the OnePlus One.” -Bridget Hickey

Update 2: @evleaks was hoaxed

Move along, guys… nothing to see here. It turns out @evleaks has been hoaxed by a 14-year-old who claimed to be a Google engineer. It seems there will be no OnePlus Tab, after all! This is just another reason why we tell you to not hold your breath on rumors. Props to @evleaks for accepting this, though.

Yesterday was not a good day. I got hoaxed 2x. First was OnePlus. Second was Volantis. 14-yr-old posing as a Google engineer. Embarrassing.
— @evleaks (@evleaks) July 3, 2014