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OnePlus cancels its SwapStyle covers due to production and installation issues

OnePlus has canceled its SwapStyle covers, citing production problems as well as the fact that removing the phone’s back is extremely difficult and potentially could harm the phone.
September 17, 2014
oneplus one wood bamboo styleswap (6)

Probably one of the coolest features announced with the OnePlus One was the ability to change out the covers for new materials. These special covers where called SwapStyle covers and were said to come in denim, bamboo, kevlar and a variety of other materials.

If you’ve been holding out for a SwapStyle cover (or hoped to get one if you ever get your hands on the OnePlus One), we have some bad news for you. Taking to its forums, OnePlus has announced that it is canceling its SwapStyle line due to production issues and the fact that they “could have designed the removal process of the back covers better; it’s tricky and makes frequent switches difficult. The swap can also leave the back cover slightly creaky or loose, and it risks damage to the battery which is exposed for a short time.”

On the upside, OnePlus notes that they have a limited stock of Bamboo covers that did make it out of production successfully, and will eventually sell them alongside detailed instructions “on how to replace your cover without damaging the cover, phone or battery.” As for the denim and kevlar materials? They may never arrive in SwapStyle form for the OnePlus One, but the company is considering special edition phones that will utilize these materials.

At the end of the post, OnePlus mentions that while they are disappointed that they are canceling, they have learned from their mistakes and are “much more knowledgeable and know what steps to take to ensure this won’t be a problem for the OnePlus 2, we will make sure the battery is properly protected and the the StyleSwap covers are easy safe to replace.”

Angry to see this canceled, or understandable? Additionally, how do you feel about OnePlus and the OnePlus One in general?