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OnePlus allegedly working on a rounded smartwatch

A leaked sketch and webpage screenshot have made their way to the web, claiming to show off a circular OnePlus smartwatch, dubbed the OneWatch.
July 31, 2014

Despite plenty of hype, the OnePlus One is still a very hard to come by commodity at this point, thanks to the company’s notorious invite system. Thankfully, the company is slowly but surely starting to pump up the number of invites and hopefully the system will eventually be ditched altogether. So what is next for OnePlus after the One? If a new rumor proves correct, a smartwatch could also be in the cards.

The alleged watch is said to go by the name OneWatch, and while details on the hardware are pretty much non-existent, we have both a sketch and a webpage screenshot that gives us a glimpse of what to expect. Probably the most interesting thing here is that the watch is circular in design, just like the upcoming Moto 360. The sketch also claims the watch will have an OLED screen protected by sapphire glass. The sketch further claims the watch has a curved batery, titanium borders, a leather band and charges with QI wireless tech.


Judging by the drawing, the OneWatch seems a lot smaller than the Moto 360, which is a plus for those looking for a smartwatch that looks more like a traditional timepiece. As for the OS? No word on what it might run, though we imagine it would likely be some kind of Android ROM as opposed to Android Wear. What would be even more intriguing is if Cyanogen got on board and developed a smart watch ROM for the device. Well, at least one can dream.


So how likely is all of this? Let’s be honest, such a device sounds too good to be true. Things like the curved battery in the watch’s strap also seem a bit too crazy,  so either the sketch is wrong, OnePlus is pushing some extreme innovation into this watch, or this rumor is nothing more than a hoax. It’s also important to remember we’ve all been duped before when it comes to rumored OnePlus devices. For those that don’t remember, at the beginning of the month Evan Blass (evleaks) brought word of a OnePlus tablet, though it later turned out to be nothing more than a hoax.

Even if the OneWatch does actually turn out to be legit, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the device launches in limited form through an invite system like the OnePlus One, so it might be a long time before such a device ever reaches customers in meaningful number. So what do you think, impressed by this alleged OneWatch? Think this is the real deal, or just another clever hoax spreading around the web?