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OnePlus One also undergoes butt test, and other stress testing (video)

In a new video, OnePlus demonstrates the stress testing process its phone must undergo.
October 2, 2014

Just earlier today Samsung gave us a video showing off their stress tests, attempting to bend and break the Note 4 in all sorts of fun ways. Making it clear they aren’t worried about their phones bending under the pressure, unlike those from a certain fruit company.

Now it looks like OnePlus wants to get in on the free publicity caused by #bendgate as well, posting up their own “quality test” video. The OnePlus One is put through several tests including a sit test where 25kg (55 pounds) are pressed against it, one thousand times. After that, OnePlus demonstrates the screen drop tests, which apparently consists of 40,000 small drops, a tumble test, and an impact test with a 1.2m drop and 2 impacts per surface.

That’s not all, the video also shows a USB stress test, ports durability test, weather test where its exposed to ten minutes of simulated rain, and a heat test where the phone spends 4 hours in 55 Celsius (131F) heat. Bottom-line, OnePlus’ video makes it clear that their stress testing process is pretty thorough.

Certainly a fun look at the process. Of course, even with testing procedures, production errors and issues do occur. The big question is what is an acceptable production issue, and what isn’t? The answer to that question is a bit subjective. For OnePlus One owners, what do you think of the quality of the device, have you been impressed so far or run into quality issues?