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How well built is the OnePlus One? This teardown reveals all

iFixit have taken apart the new OnePlus One, to investigate how well the company's debut smartphone is built and how easy it would be to repair.
June 18, 2014

The OnePlus One is offering premium hardware specs at a cut down price, but that does make you wonder if the designers have had to cut corners somewhere inside to keep it so cheap. Fortunately, the tinkerers over at iFixit have decided to take the OnePlus One apart to investigate how easy the device would be to repair, should something unfortunate ever happen to it.

The verdict – a rather mixed 5 out of 10. This means that the device isn’t as tricky to get into and repair as the HTC One M8, which scored a pitiful 1/10. However, there are some more questionable design decisions which might lead to a few headaches, should the worst happen to your new handset.

OnePlus One battery
Unfortunately, the biggest problems are found with the parts that are most likely to ever need replacing, the battery and the display panel. Oddly, the battery’s connector is trapped underneath a plastic panel which is screwed down, meaning that you will have to break the tools out to simply change in a fresh battery. In other words, the battery is not readily replaceable.

The display has a similarly frustrating issue, as the LCD part is glued on to the digitizer glass. The problem with this, not uncommon, design decision is that an entire replacement will be needed even if you only crack the top part of the display, making replacements more troublesome and expensive.

OnePlus One mainboard
On the plus side, the rest of the components in the OnePlus One are quite modular in nature, making replacements easier to come by and quite simple to fit in. Everything else seems pretty well put together, without copious amounts of glue or tape keeping things trapped away and preventing easy repairs.

If you would like a closer peek inside the OnePlus One, and a detailed breakdown of all the components, you can check out iFixit’s full teardown in the link below.