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One of the key strengths of the OnePlus One is its software, developed by Cyanogen. But there are folks out there that prefer bone stock Android, just as Google intended it. For them, OnePlus announced today the availability of a stock Android ROM for the OnePlus One.

The ROM is based on AOSP, and is currently a “work in progress” meaning that there are some issues that need to be ironed out. Among them are issues with the gyroscope on some units, and broken encryption and VPN, but OnePlus warns that other problems may crop as well.

Flashing this ROM will not void your OnePlus warranty, however, the company will not fix your phone for free in case you brick it. You can find basic instructions on how to install the AOSP ROM on OnePlus’ forums here, as well as a link to a repository of Google apps, that you will need to install separately.

So, what’s the difference between stock Android and CyanogenMod? In terms of appearance, you get largely the same experience, but CM packs additional features and customizations, such as a powerful theming engine, a private messaging feature, and more.

OnePlus promised it will update the One to Android L within 90 days of the new release’s availability. The company has not specified how it will handle updates for the AOSP ROM.