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Earlier this week OnePlus fans were disappointed to learn that shipments of the OnePlus One would be delayed due to software issues. Such delays happen all the time in the industry, and normally it wouldn’t be a huge deal. But OnePlus seems to be exhausting its reserves of public goodwill, after several controversial episodes and a heavy teasing campaign that built huge anticipation for the “2014 flagship killer.”

Now it looks that OnePlus is finally able to give fans what they want. The software issues that reportedly caused the last minute delay are now solved, and devices should begin shipping soon. Here’s the statement we received from OnePlus (note – the statement is from yesterday):

[quote qtext=”We did choose to delay the shipment of the first phones in order to make sure the software was secure and provided the best possible user experience. The CyanogenMod team worked very quickly and efficiently and the Open SSL issues have already been fixed. The first OnePlus Ones ship to early users with invites as early as tomorrow. ” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

So, if you ordered a OnePlus One, there’s a good chance you will receive your device soon, though the wording of the statement leaves room for interpretation as to when exactly customers in the initial invite batch will get their phones.

As for what exactly caused the delay, CyanogenMod community manager Abhishek Devkota explained on Reddit that vulnerabilities found in the Open SSL encryption protocol on June 5 prompted the team to issue a last minute patch to the OnePlus One CM11S firmware. Any patch requires a period of QA testing and re-certification, so the decision was made to delay shipping.

With software problems behind it, the OnePlus One is finally ready to ship to customers. As for those who didn’t score an early invite, OnePlus says it will continue to roll out invitations “on a continuous basis.”