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OnePlus announced on its blog that it’s going to adopt a pre-order system for the OnePlus One starting in late October. This is the official confirmation of the estimation offered by OnePlus reps during a Reddit AMA session in August.

In the blog post, Carl Pei, director of OnePlus Global, reiterates the reasons the company opted for an invite system, which Pei calls a “blessing.” The system, Pei says, allowed OnePlus to minimize inventory risks that could jeopardize the entire company if not addressed.

Currently, OnePlus only manufactures devices it has solid orders for, and that has its advantages. But the invite system has also caused a great deal of frustration among customers and has probably cost OnePlus countless potential orders.

Now OnePlus plans to open orders for the One in late October, for a limited time. While supplies last, the device will ship immediately. After supplies run out, customers will be able to pre-order, with shipping times depending on demand. There won’t be a limit on how many devices can be ordered during this window.

While Pei doesn’t specify it, it looks like OnePlus will keep the invite system going forward.

The pre-order system appears to be another method of cutting risks – by having orders concentrated in a short time window, OnePlus can plan production batches without risking accumulating costly inventory. Sure, in an ideal world, would-be OnePlus One buyers should not have to worry about invites and limited-time order periods. But that’s the price one must pay for getting a high-end phone at a mid-range price.

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