oneplus one bamboo styleswap (1)

When you sell a high-end device at half the cost competitors are charging for similar products, you don’t expect to make any money of it, and OnePlus was quite open about this.

But how exactly does OnePlus plan to stay in business if it doesn’t make any profits from selling the OnePlus One? Accessories is one of the most obvious answers, so we should not be surprised that the first special StyleSwap back cover for the OnePlus One costs a steep $50.

Made of natural material, just like the similar product for the Moto X, the Bamboo StyleSwap will be available for $49 (39€) from the end of August. OnePlus will also offer in its web store the two default back cover options, Silk White and Sandstone Black, for $29 USD (25€). The Bamboo cover is now listed online as “coming soon.”

When the One launched in April, OnePlus teased a suite of other materials for the StyleSwap back covers, including several types of wood, denim, and Kevlar. No word on the expected availability of these other options, which is a bit disappointing – we were really curious to see that denim-textured version, for instance.

oneplus one styleswap back covers

If you’re interested in learning more about the OnePlus One, we’ve just published our follow-up review, conducted with the final production version of the device. And, if you just want to get your hands on the phone already, you can throw your name in the hat in our third weekly OnePlus One giveaway. Good luck!