android l release apis

Android L is all the hype right now, and rightfully so. It is the biggest update Android has seen, which also means it won’t be as easy to update current devices. Manufacturers really seem to be making an extra effort to bring timely updates, and OnePlus is definitely not staying behind.

The Chinese manufacturer has announced they will have Android L in their devices within three months after its official release. This is much like what HTC is promising, which means the Android L proliferation through these devices depends much on when Google decides to release the new software.

Timely updates are to be expected from OnePlus, especially considering the device is running CyanogenMod. The Cyanogen team is known for being great with Android updates. With this update we will see the introduction of great improvements, including the new Material Design, a plethora of small (yet awesome) updates, battery improvements and more.

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Those who consider themselves the adventurous kind can go ahead and download the Android L preview right now. It can get a bit tricky if you are not very literate in Android tinkering, though. If you are not comfortable with manually flashing software you can also check out our first look article and video on Android L.

To Android users, this is really the golden test. You can beat the competition with stunning specs and an amazing price, but it’s support and timely updates that will really keep the tech community on your side. Let’s hope OnePlus stays on top of its game.