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OnePlus blog post attempts to help demystify its Invite System

OnePlus has updated its Invite System blog page with a few new details that help somewhat demystify how everything will work.
May 12, 2014
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When we first learned about OnePlus’ plans to switch up device distribution by forgoing preorders in favor of a unique invite system, the move was quickly met with mixed reception. While some folks liked the idea, others felt that there were just too many hoops users would have to jump through in order to get hands on the OnePlus One.

Now that the dust has settled a little, there’s still plenty of confusion about when the OnePlus One will be available and how the invite system will work exactly. Over the weekend, OnePlus updated their original post announcing the invite system with a short FAQ that helps better clarify how everything will work.

First, they address how getting an invite works. Simply put, you can get invites from real OnePlus One owners. As for how these folks get invites in the first place? In addition to the Smash the Past contest (which has since ended), OnePlus is also selectively inviting members of its forums.

The first mass batch of invites should surface starting in late May for the 64GB Sandstone Black version

Furthermore, OnePlus says that the first real batch of mass invites, outside of the Smash event, will start surfacing late May for the 64GB Sandstone Black version. In other words, up until this point, invites will be extremely scarce. After that? You’ll at least have a slightly better chance of getting your hands on the phone. OnePlus also reveals that you have 24 hours to accept an invite before it “returns to the sender”. Those who have invites to give away, will have a few weeks to send them out before expiration.

As for when you will be able to simply head to OnePlus’ website and grab the phone, without worrying about having an invite? OnePlus hasn’t given us a solid date for this just yet — though they previously indicated increased general availability will occur in late June. It remains unseen whether this simply means even easier ways to get invites or an actual way to buy without an invite.

So is the OnePlus One worth the trouble (and waiting) you have to go through to get it? The answer to that will obviously be up to your personal opinion, but, as we noted in our official review, this is one hell of a phone. Even at a higher price point, the OnePlus One would be a solid device, but at its $300 (16GB) /$349 (64GB) pricing, it’s an absolute steal.

For more details on the OnePlus One’s invite system, you’ll want to head on over to their official website. What do you think, still planning on picking up the OnePlus One even if you need an invite to get it?