oneplus buds deal amazon cyber monday 2020

You might have an easy way to get name-brand true wireless earbuds on a budget. The OnePlus Buds are currently on sale at Amazon for $54.99 — their lowest price ever. That’s 30% off the usual sticker, and might make them appealing if the original $79 made them difficult to justify. This is one of the better deals we’ve seen this Cyber Monday.

The OnePlus Buds offer more than you might expect for the price, particularly when they’re on sale. They’re ready for workouts with IPX4 water resistance and boast exceptionally fast wired charging. You’ll also get strong microphone quality, not to mention conveniences like ear detection to automatically pause playback.

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They’re not for everyone. The fit might be loose or uncomfortable depending on your ears, and you might encounter connection drops. You might also miss aptX audio processing if you’re an enthusiast. These are for casual listening and phone calls rather than immersing yourself in an album. At this price, though, the OnePlus Buds’ issues are more forgivable.

You don’t need a OnePlus phone, we’d add. While that was initially true if you wanted to update the firmware, any phone running Android 6.0 or later now has that same option.  You’ll get Android’s fast pairing, too, so you won’t have to fuss with the OnePlus Buds

If you’d like higher-end earbuds or are otherwise determined to save money, be sure to check our Cyber Monday deals hub for additional bargains. You can also find sales for wearable audio at our headphone deals hub.

$54 .99
OnePlus Buds
Save $24 .01
Buy it Now
OnePlus Buds Buy it Now
Save $24 .01 $54 .99

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