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Deal: Get a OnePlus 7T for $99 when you buy a OnePlus 8T

This deal gives you the chance to pick up two OnePlus handsets for under $850. And the festive sale doesn't end there.
December 22, 2020
OnePlus 8T OnePlus 7T Deal

OnePlus is keen to spread the joy this festive season. There are several deals running until the end of the year on the OnePlus site, including the chance to get a OnePlus 7T for just $99 when you buy a OnePlus 8T. You can also get a deal on OnePlus earbuds, and even just straight-up save $100 on a OnePlus 8T from B&H. We’ve broken the deals down to keep things simple.

Deal 1: Buy a OnePlus 8T and get a 7T for $99

Let’s start with the main offer from OnePlus: If you add both a OnePlus 8T and OnePlus 7T to your cart, you’ll get the 7T for just $99. That shows up as a $500 discount at the checkout, although this is a bit misleading since the OnePlus 7T has been available for just $349 on the site for a while. That’s not to say it’s not a great deal; at that price, you can argue the 7T is a better bet than the OnePlus 8 series on its own. Getting one for $99 is a veritable steal.

Before you jump on this deal, you should note that the OnePlus 7T is locked to the T-Mobile network. That means you’ll have to unlock it yourself to use it on other networks, and you can’t guarantee it will be fully-compatible with CDMA carriers. If this isn’t an issue for you then you can get two excellent OnePlus phones for $848 total.

But a OnePlus 8T, get a OnePlus 7T for $99
$848.00 at OnePlus
Save $500.00

 Deal 2: Save $100 on a OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8T rear hero shot
Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority
OnePlus 8T

Most people aren’t shopping for two phones, even at such a great price. If you’re only interested in finding the best deal on the OnePlus 8T, B&H currently has it on offer for $649 ($100 off). This offer only runs until midnight EST on December 23, so you don’t have as much time to mull it over.

It’s a nice price drop considering this is the latest OnePlus flagship, but it has a similar caveat as the 7T in the first deal. While this is an unlocked version of the OnePlus 8T, it’s still a T-Mobile variant. The deal page shows the compatibility of the handset on various non-T-Mobile networks, so ensure it’s right for your carrier before buying.

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If you’re on a GSM network anyway then you may also be interested in picking up the international version of the OnePlus 8T for $599.99 ($40 off) on Amazon. International variants of phones can save you a fair few bucks, but you should be wary of the fact that you’re not getting a US warranty.

OnePlus 8T (T-Mobile Version, Unlocked)
$649.00 at B&H
Save $100.00

Deal 3: Get Bullets Wireless Z earbuds for $9.90 when you buy Buds Z

We’re back on the OnePlus site for this deal and starting to get the impression that there’s excess stock to shift. Until December 31, you can get the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z for just $9.90 when you purchase a pair of Buds Z.

Technically this is a $40 discount but the Bullets are on offer already, so it’s more like $20 off. Still, two pairs of official OnePlus buds for just $59.89 isn’t bad at all, especially if you were keen to pick up the Buds Z anyway.

That just about sums up the OnePlus sale and related offers. For more holiday phone deals, check out our phone deals hub.